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Assalamualaikum, and welcome to Class 2 (Heavy and Light Letters) of our SimplyTajweed Online Interactive Course!

Regardless of your age, recitation ability and first language, SimplyTajweed is your platform to start/continue your Tajweed journey. The course has been meticulously designed in a way to make it suitable for those of any level of Tajweed and recitation ability. There are a total of 5 comprehensive Classes, of which this is the 2nd.

In this Class, you’re initially introduced to the concept of ‘paired’ and ‘unpaired’ characteristics. Two of the paired characteristics are then covered in detail.

The following is covered in this Class:

  • The definition of a characteristic.
  • The difference between ‘paired’ and ‘unpaired’ characteristics.
  • The paired characteristic of ‘Al Isti’laa and Al Istifal’ including:
    • Heaviness definition and application
    • Heaviness hierarchy.
    • Lightness definition and application
    • An in-depth exploration of the rules for the ‘Sometimes Heavy’ Al Istifal letters: Madd Alif, Laam and Raa.
  • The paired characteristic of ‘Al Itbaq and Al Infitah’ including:
    • Al Itbaq definition and application as well as the letters applicable to it.
    • The effect of Al Itbaq on 4 of the 7 heavy letters.
    • Al Infitah definition and application as well as the letters applicable to it.

This Class has been divided into a series of 18 short and digestible lessons helping you to study the content at your own pace.

Various discussion points have been included throughout the lessons with the aim to maximise engagement and interactivity. You will see that we have also specifically designed our Portal in a way that further encourages this!

There is a Project associated with the Class to help consolidate all the theory covered. You’re welcome to participate in the project via the Portal, as explained in Lesson 17. Make sure to take part in the Quiz at the end too!

Once you have completed the Class, a certificate of completion will be awarded!

The aim is for the Portal to be a community and a safe space where you can ask any questions you have at all, get feedback, and most of all feel supported! There is a section at the bottom of the page dedicated precisely for this!

The price for enrolling onto this Class is £44.99 and the best part is that you’ll have access for an entire year, insha’Allah giving you more than enough time to complete it and refer to whenever you wish! Following completion, you may leave the Class or continue your enrolment for revision purposes.

There is an accompanying coursebook for this Class, which you can view in the Shop on the website. It fully complements this Class. Amongst a few features, it includes written notes from the Class explained in a clear and succinct manner. Where there were discussion points, these have been clearly highlighted in the coursebook, with space available to make any additional notes, based on what was discussed.

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